Wednesday, April 2, 2014

St. Mary’s City Historical Sites

Despite the name of “St. Mary’s City”, this pioneer town is less of a city, and more of a collection ofindoor and outdoor historical exhibits. However, because of this, St. Mary’s City has lots of quaint places to visit so you should not miss this chance to take your charter bus to this destination.
This peninsula features a 500-mile shoreline where you can find 5 water-based state parkswater trails, and many places to fish, camp, hike and enjoy seafood. On top of all of nature to see, St. Mary’s City is Maryland’s birthplace, with many colonial sites, maritime heritage and beautiful rural landscapes.
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Schifferstadt - Priceless Gem at the Heart of Frederick County of Maryland

When speaking of Maryland, the staple city would be Maryland but did you know that there are other historical sites to explore in a lower profile city and neighborhood like Frederick Maryland. One good example we strongly recommend to our Maryland bus charter customers and visitors would be a special German inspired stone abode which was built in 1758 - Schifferstadt.

A look back into Germany’s history in America

Schifferstadt was built at 1110 Rosemont Ave., Frederick MD and this is where it continues to stand today. The home was a special project for German immigrant farmer Josef Brunner after the purchase of the 303 acres land. The piece of land where Schifferstadt stands today was also known as ‘Tasker’s Chance’.
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