Monday, December 2, 2013

Paw Paw Tunnel of Cumberland

There are many marvelous works in this world and some of them defies common sense and logic. But that is what makes them wonders of the world which includes unexplainable sites like The Great Pyramids of GizaHanging Gardens of Babylon and Statue of Zeus at Olympia. We are talking about an ambitious sculptor who was traveling around in 432 B.C. who started his work on the Statue of Zeus and worked on it for 12 years.
For our Maryland charter bus customers who are looking for our very own Maryland ‘wonder of the world’, there is one right here in Cumberland, Maryland. Paw Paw Tunnel. Although quite incomparable to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, it is still a magnificent feat. You have to consider the fact that it was an absolute engineering feat when these men were armed with nothing more than shovels, picks, mules and maybe a couple of dynamites.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater

It isn’t hard trying to find a good place for dinner or entertainment in Maryland or even Hagerstown, but to find a place that offers BOTH at the same time and at an affordable rate, it’s pretty hard. But if looking for such bus charter Maryland location is up on your agenda, then you need to head over to the Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater.
Locating the exact location of this charter bus Maryland tourist attraction can be hard as it is ‘hidden’ behind Hagerstown’s City Hall, being a part of the building but ask around and you will find them. It is hidden behind Little Heiskell which is coincidentally and fondly known as the town’s little mascot. You will see why when you are here to see for yourself.
We found out a little about the place before heading over, basically because we wanted to know what we were in for and partly because of curiosity. We were surprised to learn that the theater was opened only as early as 1985 by Bob Hagerman and with Bruce Levin as a dedicated partner because it is run by different owners now. The operations of the theater has been taken over by Loretta and Jeff Czerbinski as of 2009. No matter who took over, Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater is considered a hidden gem by the locals. It is the kind of place they bring their partners in for a date or have their friends over for a bonding session.
Since its inception, they have been known to produce exceptional plays while serving up an amazing array of food to their guests. After a long day of touring and exploring Hagerstown during your charter bus Maryland vacation with family and friends, we are sure you will be more than ready to let your hair down and be entertained while dining in complete luxury. Depending on what is up on the night that you are there (head over to their website,, for more information about the shows and schedule.
The producers are known, ever since they began operations, to come up with classics like Oklahoma, Annie Get Your Gun, South Pacific and not to mention the evergreen The Sound of Music.
The theater dinner is somewhat less formal than we have expected. It was comfortable, quite casual and the servers were absolutely, immaculately attentive to what we needed during our charter bus Maryland visit. We could have possibly gotten a bit luckier, I guess.
So, head on over if you are in this corner of Maryland. We are sure you are going to have a splendid time with your loved ones.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Burnside’s Bridge (Sharpsburg Maryland)

There is so much history and culture in Maryland that it is hard to name one single tourist attraction as ‘the best’ but as far as historically-significant site is concerned, Burnside’s Bridge is one of the most understated and under-promoted historical site in Maryland. The bridge is located along Dunker Church Road in Sharpsburg MD and is definitely worth seeing because it has everything to do with the Antietam battle. It is where you feel the reality of the battle and come watch the audio tour that guides you through the exhibits. In other words, the tour will help bring the Antietam battle to live.
The bridge was initially built to improve connecting roads between Sharpsburg and Washington County whereby it was reported that there were fourteen similar bridges commissioned to be built for similar reasons. It is also important to note that the design of the bridges were initially thought out by one of the most famous bridge designer of that era, John Weaver. With his ideas, the Burnside’s Bridge’s construction successfully completed in 1836. Interestingly, the arched bridge was constructed by local farmers which helped them earn a living, serving as an important source of income at that point of time. It was also important to the farmers that this bridge was built because the farmers can then take their farming produce and livestock across the other side for sale. After a couple of years of hard work and three thousand and two hundred dollars of spending, the farmers had the opportunity of bridging their community with other communities around them.
Some Maryland bus charter visitors might also like to know that the bridge is also referred to with other names with ‘Rohrbach’s Bridge’ being one of the more popular one. Rohrbach is a local farmer who used to live in the community.
This bus charter Maryland attraction, however, isn’t all that suitable for little kids as they may not be interested in the Battle of Antietam and may end up being a little bored. But if they are old enough to find history interesting, take some time to explain the events leading up to the battle to them and they might get more into the sites and tours.
After the war, the US government acquired the bridge and maintained it as an important tourist destination and historical site. Getting on the bridge on foot is fine but vehicles are no longer permitted to be on it. Till this very day, people come to the bridge just to take some stunning photographs. So, be sure to include this site as one of the sites to see during your bus charter Maryland trip.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Let’s go a-sailing

Planning for a romantic rendezvous? Or are you thinking of making your wedding anniversary this year extra special? Perhaps you are thinking of planning a unique marriage proposal for your longtime girlfriend, but you are still not sure what to do – hang right on, we have just the perfect idea for you. In fact, whatever the reason, whatever the season, spending a day sailing on a 1920s majestic and magnificent sailboat is a superb thing to do – yes, even a marriage proposal is possible! Come, get on one of those Maryland charter buses and head on over to 101 North Harbor Rd, St. Michaels and set sail on Selina II for your romantic adventure.

Limited to just 6 passengers each time, Selina II sails daily from April through October. Having just 6 passenger each time for every sail makes it a perfect moment for everyone because they want every passenger to enjoy a personal and up close experience on the sailboat. With a friendly captain and her first mate taking you and your partner out to sail, you are both in for a wonderful experience like never before. They have different kinds of cruises for different groups of people, so you may want to first find out what are the tours that they have before you go. If you just want to experience what it feels like to be on a sailboat, sign up for their day sails, but if you want something romantic and private, they do have what they call their “Champagne Sunset Cruise” and “Moonlight Sails”. Just by the name of the cruises alone, you’d know that it is not just a normal sail. Or if you intend to bring some friends with you for a birthday celebration, why not sign up for their wine tasting and beer tasting excursions? After all, you already have the chartered bus driver waiting to bring you home, so even if you do join the wine and beer tasting cruise, you don’t have to worry about driving after you have had your drinks on the sailboat.

Once you have set sail on Selina II, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the sky and the sea. And if you are keen, you can even try your hands on being part of the sailboat “crew”. However you want your sailing experience to be, the captain and her first mate will accommodate to your request. Happy and satisfied customers are what they strive for - just like your Maryland charter bus company!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not Your Regular Ape Adventure At Go Ape

We have to admit this - sometimes, if not usually, it is not easy to organize an outing where everyone will enjoy the activities involved and have fun. Different expectations, different age group and different personalities makes it all the more difficult at times. Hence, one of the best activity that will get everyone going and involved with would almost be an outdoor one. Go Ape is considered to be a great place for the young and the old - it would be quite impossible to hear anyone complaining after all the fun that they are expected to have at Go Ape. So, gather your friends, gather your family members and pile them up onto a charter bus that will take all of you to the jungle where the fun begins!
Tree top adventures would be one of the closest and best description of what Go Ape is all about - try imagining Tarzan swinging from one tree to another. Go Ape is located at 6129 Needwood Lake Drive, Rockville, MD 20855, and it is not too difficult to find, especially if you have a very experienced chartered Maryland rental bus driver to take you there. When you arrive at Go Ape, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they have great obstacle courses for almost every age group to try and experience. If you are bringing children, they have to be at least 4 feet 7 inches tall and 10 years of age in order to qualify for any of the obstacle challenges available. Not to worry though - for the younger ones, the obstacle courses are easier but adult supervision is a must for those 18 years old and below.
Since this is going to be an outdoor activity, do bear in mind that you will need to be properly dressed - put on clothes that are comfortable, meant for outdoors and that you would not mind getting them a little dirty. Sandals, high heels, slippers, open toed and slip on shoes are not allowed at all - but sneakers and running shoes are definitely ok. If you find that your hands are sensitive, you may want to consider wearing gloves and if you have long hair, you will have to tie your hair. Bringing an extra change of clothes is highly recommended - so that you won’t be sitting in the chartered bus in your sweaty, smelly clothes and make the others feel uncomfortable with the “not-so-nice” odor.
If you happen to be afraid of heights, you can be assured that safety is a priority at Go Ape and they will never take your safety for granted. You can always stay on the ground and cheer your mates on as they take on the adventure course. Without a doubt, this outdoor trip will be one that everyone will have much to say on the way home in the chartered bus - and you can give yourself a pat on the back for having come up with such a brilliant idea for the trip - as well as the arrangement to charter a bus too!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cruising the Bay in Annapolis

Situated on the Chesapeake Bay near the Severn River, Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and was once the capital of the United States. This historic city is home to the United States Naval Academy, the third-oldest college in the country, St. John's College, and the homes of four signers of the Declaration of Independence. Also known as America's sailing capital, Annapolis and its nearby communities have many boating companies that offer public and charter dinner cruises suited for charter bus groups wanting to spend a little time on the water.
Annapolis Sailing Schooner Woodwind Cruises operates two boats for charter bus sightseeing cruises and special event sailings. Maryland charter bus visitors can help steer, raise the sails or just enjoy the view from Chesapeake Bay. Special event dinner cruises last two and a half hours and include meal options such as bison, crab, chicken, salad, vegetables and dessert. In addition to the meal, charter bus passengers will get food lessons from the chef. This includes where to find locally grown foods, what to look for when shopping, recipes and how to prepare the food served during the cruise. Woodwind Cruises can accommodate 48 passengers on each ship, ideal for larger charter bus groups.
Some Annapolis companies offer dinner cruises for private charters. Liberte the Schooner carries up to 49 charter bus passengers on Chesapeake Bay cruises. Passengers choose when they want to sail and for how long, music played on the cruise, and what food and beverages are served. Some companies, such as Admiral of the Bay, offer a variety of cruises and ships for trips on Chesapeake Bay. Charter bus passengers can choose motor, sailing or other type of ship as well as where they want to go and what they want to eat. Admiral of the Bay can arrange cruises for up to 240 people.
Spirit of Baltimore sails from Baltimore, along the Patapsco River, a short charter bus ride away. Located about half an hour by charter bus outside of Annapolis, the Spirit of Baltimore offers lunch, dinner, theme, holiday and charter cruises for up to 450 passengers. Dinner cruises include a DJ, live performers, dancing and a meal. Passengers can dine on salad, beef, pork, chicken, salmon, pasta, vegetables and dessert. Spirit of Baltimore has two enclosed decks and one upper patio deck, perfect for charter bus groups planning a celebration with a difference.
The Black-Eyed Susan, located within easy charter bus access in Baltimore, is a two-deck paddlewheel riverboat. The lower deck is enclosed while the upper deck has a canopy top and clear sides that will fold down when the weather is not ideal. Able to carry 149 charter bus passengers, the Black-Eyed Susan is used mostly for private charters but does offer special theme sailings on the Patapsco River, including dinner cruises. Typically, dinner cruises last three hours and include a murder mystery. While trying to solve the whodunit, charter bus visitors can dine on salad, beef, crab cakes, potatoes, vegetables and a dessert buffet.
For a visit to Maryland with a difference, plan a cruise together with your charter bus trip with the assistance of Bus Charter Maryland.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Museums in Maryland

Maryland's diversity and pivotal in the founding of the United States, has led the the state to sometimes being known as "America in Miniature." Charter bus visitors can take on a different perspective of America and the world through the eyes of the artist at one of Maryland's art museums. Whether it's authentic tribal masks from the African continent or original van Gogh masterpieces, Maryland's art establishments have something to offer the cultural charter bus visitor, who usually arrives in Maryland on a bus, charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus chartered from Bus Charter Maryland.
Take your charter bus over to Columbia, and visit the African Art Museum. First opened in 1980, the African Art Museum bills itself as Columbia's first museum. As its name suggests, the museum highlights the artistic work of various African tribes and African Americans, including authentic carvings, baskets and masks from the African continent. Special exhibits bring awareness to various social and cultural issues, both in Maryland and the greater global community.
Located just a short charter bus ride away in Baltimore, the American Visionary Art Museum is the United States' national museum of self-taught art, meaning the work featured is by individuals who have no formal art training. The museum's mission revolves around breaking art traditions. Thus, you won't find sections devoted to specific periods of art history as you would in a traditional museum, instead, discovering art as themes that explore society's connection with art. Past thematic exhibits have explored peace, religion and political liberty.
For Maryland charter bus visitors wanting their art presented in a more traditional way, the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore is a classical art museum. You'll find paintings, drawings and physical objects dating as far back as pre-dynastic Egypt. Notable highlights include jewelry from the Middle Ages and rare books from Renaissance Europe. When you're done exploring the various galleries, you can enjoy sandwiches, salads and dessert at the on-site cafe, or buy a souvenir at the museum's gift shop.
The Baltimore Museum of Art is one of the largest museums in Maryland, and a favorite with charter bus visitors. Its comprehensive collection of art takes you through each of the continents, plus the Pacific Islands. One of the museum's biggest draws is its collection of paintings by such renowned international artists as Renoir, Picasso and van Gogh. Regular workshops and programs for family members of all ages help bring art to life through hands-on projects, after which you can enjoy fine-dining at the on-site Gertrude's Restaurant.
For a cultural trip through Maryland, give Bus Charter Maryland a call to arrange your charter bus needs. Bus Charter Maryland will help you organize your charter bus trip with a selection from their fleet of fully equipped charter vehicles and friendly, personalized service.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Magnificent Maryland

Maryland is a multi-varied state that covers the shores of the Atlantic, to the urban centers of Washington and Baltimore, to the Appalachian Mountains, and a versatile way to see a lot of Maryland is with a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus chartered from Bus Charter Maryland. Using a charter bus allows you to see more of Maryland’s multitude of tourist attractions on your own schedule, at your own pace.
Maryland’s most popular attraction is Eastern Shore. The beaches and beautiful natural areas, together with many historic towns draws in charter bus tourists and vacationers, especially during the summer months. Good food, easy living, curio and antique shopping, sailing, bird watching or just lazing on the beach is why you should visit Eastern Shore in your charter bus.
For a fun day in Baltimore, take a charter bus to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. This historic harbor holds eateries and restaurants, shopping, sights and museums. Pay a visit to the National Aquarium, or walk among the tall ships at the Historic Ship Museum. Other attractions in Camden Yards, where the Orioles play, Maryland Science Center and the Pier Six Pavilion. Get your charter bus to wait a while while you take a Harbor cruise to enjoy picture postcard views of the Baltimore skyline.
Known as the sailing capital of America, Annapolis City Dock is a short charter bus ride away downtown Baltimore and Washington D.C. It’s easy to spend a day in Annapolis, which has more 18th century buildings than any other city in America. Shopping and dining are popular activities, and Annapolis City Dock is the focal point of many visitor attractions in Annapolis. If you’re here on the weekend, enjoy the parade of expensive yachts on the Annapolis waterfront known to the locals as “Ego Alley”. Sightseeing cruises are available of Chesapeake Bay, and a visit to the National Sailing Hall of Fame is worth seeing the highlights of American sailing achievements.
If you prefer to spend your day wandering around a representation of America during its beginnings as an industrial state, take a charter bus trip to historic Ellicott City. This former milling and flour production center was instrumental in developing milling and farming technology for early America, and became home to many millers and merchants. Today, Ellicott City has many antique and speciality shops to delight the visitor. Several historic buildings are preserved as visitor centers and museums. Among these are the Ellicott City B&O Railroad Station Museum, the oldest surviving railroad station in America.
Seeing Maryland’s many attractions is made easy with a charter bus from Bus Charter Maryland. Plan your visit by making call to Bus Charter Maryland, and choose from their fleet of charter vehicles to suit any group size or need.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Six Thumbs Up for Six Flags Maryland

Looking to go on bus charter tour holiday in Maryland with the children and are worried that the kids will be bored out of their skull and will drive you up the wall? Well, at Bus Charter Maryland, we think that your journey with us goes beyond just booking your bus or limo ticket. We think you should be prepared with a host information that will help make your party bus, bus charter or group tour vacation trip even more memorable.
Maryland is practically theme park country with five amazing theme parks that you and the family can spend days in, let alone a few hours. In fact, be prepared to be begged to go back again.
First up, there’s Six Flags New England. Technically speaking, it's the oldest of the Six Flags parks, and is the largest amusement park in New England and continues to serve as a bus charter tourist magnet.
There are eleven roller coasters, the first which, Thunderbolt” opened in 1941. The rest are “Cyclone”, “The Great Chase”, “Mind Eraser”, “Bizarro”, “Catwoman’s Whip”, “Flashback”, “Batman-The Dark Knight”, Pandemonium:, Gotham City Gaunlet: Escape from Arkham Asylum”, and Goliath.
If you’d rather experience Thrill Rides instead, then you’re in luck too as there are 19 rides to thrill yourself and family on. They are: The 1909 Illions Carousel; Balloon Race; Blizzard River; Buzzsaw; Catapult; Crime Wave; Houdini – The Great Escape; Joker's Wildcard; Kontiki; New England Sky Way; Scrambler; Scream; Splash Water Falls; Stampede Bumper Cars; Taz's Dare Devil Dive; The Tea Cups; Slingshot; Tomahawk and Twister.
And as if all that were not enough, there’s also a Looney Tunes themed section called Looney Tunes Movie Town with amazing rides and characters to meet. Plus, you can hop on the following rides: The Animation Department, a Zamperla kiddie swings ride; Wile E. Coyote's Speed Trap, a Zamperla kiddie whip ride; Taz's Prop Delivery Company, a battery powered truck ride; Daffy's Hollywood Tours, a Zamperla Crazy Bus and Tweety's Clubhouse, a Zamperla Jumpin' Star–kiddie drop ride.
Not enough to tire the kids out during the bus charter, tour bus, party us or school bus field trip?
The kids can also visit Kidzopolis, to visit Krazy Kars, a Zamperla Convoy; Krazy Kups, SBF kiddy tea cups; Route 66, Arrow Dynamics antique cars; Ship's Ahoy!, a Zamperla Rockin' Tug; Splish Splash Zone, a kiddy playground area and water play area; Wacky Wheel: a kiddy Ferris wheel; Whirlybirds, a SBF kiddy ride; Zinger Swings, a SBF kiddy ride and ZoomJets, a Zamperla Telecombat.
And that’s not all! There’s so much more to experience at Six Flags in Maryland so book your private, comfortable, luxurious, spacious and affordable bus charter from Bus Charter Maryland and you’ll be on your way to non-stop theme park fun.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hiring A Bus Charter, Maryland Adventures

The state of Maryland is just chock full of incredible places that you can stop and visit with your group, whether you are a school group, church group or other kind of social gathering. Allow us to help you get involved in the bus charter Maryland excursion that you and your group longs for. Once you embark on your adventure, you are sure to find that there will be a number of places in the state that will keep you wanting to come back for more travels.
If you are planning on making your way over to the area of Ocean City, then it is imperative that you have your bus driver take all of you over to see the breathtaking view from the O.C. Ferris Wheel. Each year, hundreds of people make their way to this historic landmark in order to snap pictures and enjoy a piece of Maryland's history. You too can have your bus charter Maryland style take you over to this magnificent place early in the day so that you can take lots of incredible pictures.
When it is time for you to grab something to eat, have our professional driver take you and the entire bus charter Maryland group over to a popular place called Bertha's. Located in the area of Fells Point, this wonderful little eatery is very well known for their delicious tea and incredible food items. Perhaps you are looking for something wonderful from their selection of baked goods. Or, if you are feeling a bit more famished, you can order up a hearty serving of their very own version of Scotch eggs. No matter what you decide on, this is a must see stop along the way during your Maryland travels.
Certainly, a trip has never truly begun until you sink your teeth into some of the local shops and specialty stores. The entire area of Downtown Annapolis is just loaded with some of the best deals in the state! Your bus charter Maryland adventure will be well worth the planning once you get a load of some of the wonderful souvenirs, lovely antiques and memorable little shops to be had all along the Main Street area and on over to Maryland Avenue. Before you are through, you may actually need to enlist the help of a second bus charter in order to help you bring all of your good buys home with you!
If you are lucky enough to be enjoying a bus charter Maryland adventure when the snow begins to fly, you and your entire group can make sure that you head on over to the Christmas celebration at Longwood Gardens in the Brandywine Valley. Because you are traveling with one of our skilled drivers, you can rest assured in knowing that your safety is always in mind no matter what the winter weather throws your way. At this stop, you and your group can enjoy thousands and thousands of magical holiday lights along with beautiful Christmas decorations in order to help you get into the spirit of the season!