Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Burnside’s Bridge (Sharpsburg Maryland)

There is so much history and culture in Maryland that it is hard to name one single tourist attraction as ‘the best’ but as far as historically-significant site is concerned, Burnside’s Bridge is one of the most understated and under-promoted historical site in Maryland. The bridge is located along Dunker Church Road in Sharpsburg MD and is definitely worth seeing because it has everything to do with the Antietam battle. It is where you feel the reality of the battle and come watch the audio tour that guides you through the exhibits. In other words, the tour will help bring the Antietam battle to live.
The bridge was initially built to improve connecting roads between Sharpsburg and Washington County whereby it was reported that there were fourteen similar bridges commissioned to be built for similar reasons. It is also important to note that the design of the bridges were initially thought out by one of the most famous bridge designer of that era, John Weaver. With his ideas, the Burnside’s Bridge’s construction successfully completed in 1836. Interestingly, the arched bridge was constructed by local farmers which helped them earn a living, serving as an important source of income at that point of time. It was also important to the farmers that this bridge was built because the farmers can then take their farming produce and livestock across the other side for sale. After a couple of years of hard work and three thousand and two hundred dollars of spending, the farmers had the opportunity of bridging their community with other communities around them.
Some Maryland bus charter visitors might also like to know that the bridge is also referred to with other names with ‘Rohrbach’s Bridge’ being one of the more popular one. Rohrbach is a local farmer who used to live in the community.
This bus charter Maryland attraction, however, isn’t all that suitable for little kids as they may not be interested in the Battle of Antietam and may end up being a little bored. But if they are old enough to find history interesting, take some time to explain the events leading up to the battle to them and they might get more into the sites and tours.
After the war, the US government acquired the bridge and maintained it as an important tourist destination and historical site. Getting on the bridge on foot is fine but vehicles are no longer permitted to be on it. Till this very day, people come to the bridge just to take some stunning photographs. So, be sure to include this site as one of the sites to see during your bus charter Maryland trip.

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